Day event

5 December 2019

Cambridge Consultants

The day promises to be incredibly stimulating… with plenty of opportunity to network, share opinions, and contribute to the debate. So check the program, make your plans, and be ready for the complete Innovation Day UK experience.


Registration, breakfast and technology demonstrations


Welcome and introduction

Richard Traherne

Chief Commercial Officer, Cambridge Consultants


Innovation Day – a world of opportunity

Eric Wilkinson

Chief Executive Officer, Cambridge Consultants


Understanding and harnessing the potential of AI

Tim Ensor

Head of Artificial Intelligence, Cambridge Consultants

AI technologies being developed today will lead to new capabilities tomorrow and enable new business applications the day after. Companies wanting to position themselves to harness the potential must take an iterative approach and consider the next wave of disruptive technologies in development. Drawing on our own research and experience at the AI frontier, I’ll explore how the emergent technologies could drive business value in consumer, medical and industrial applications.


Innovating through the lifecycle

Neill Hunt

Executive Director, Innovation, Element Six

Companies around the world face threats from commoditization and disruptive new entrants. This presentation will illustrate the importance of applying innovation to create value throughout the lifecycle of a product, today and for future market opportunities, and how different approaches must be used at each lifecycle stage. Changing the nature of innovation without losing sight of your competitive advantages is extremely difficult, and complicated by the challenge of even discerning which lifecycle stage you are in. The presentation will describe how Element Six has combined best practices in this area with its supermaterials experience to address these challenges to maintain its competitive advantages.

Neill Hunt


Coffee, networking and technology demonstrations


Morning seminars

Jaquie Finn Global Head of Digital Health, Cambridge Consultants

The current health system is not fit for purpose – whether that’s in terms of meeting the increasing demand for better care in emerging countries or looking after aging populations in developed markets. A radical plan embracing technology, AI and digital services, is essential to deliver effective care on a global scale. We’ll examine the implications for care pathways where early diagnosis and targeted therapies are key to improving survival rates. And we’ll explore how technologies such as contactless monitoring can improve patient outcomes while providing much needed efficiencies to health care providers.

Ann Torres

Ann Torres Senior VP of Engineering, Synapse

The proliferation of Alexa and Google Assistant proves that consumers and brands benefit from natural UI. But despite the crowded field of enabled devices, there’s still much that brands can do to differentiate products, create markets and increase engagement. We’ll discuss the potent consumer pull for natural UI and the related opportunities for forward-thinking brands. From speech and gesture recognition to contextual awareness, we’ll reveal what it takes – and what it will mean – to bring new technologies to market. We’ll also explore the vast space still available for brands ready to lead the transformation of technology interaction.

Richard Hammond – Technology Director & Head of Synthetic Biology, Cambridge Consultants

Bioinnovation is demanding. At one level, it encompasses cool, exciting life-science research capable of entirely reengineering genomes. At another, it has a role to play in complex, biology-related global issues facing business and society, such as climate change and our aging population. How do we link these threads within a meaningful business context? In this seminar, we’ll reveal how Cambridge Consultants, among others, is doing just that by working to bring bioinnovation to numerous industries and sectors.


Lunch, networking and technology demonstrations


Welcome back

Richard Traherne

Chief Commercial Officer, Cambridge Consultants


Overcoming the unique challenges of healthcare innovation

Jonathan Sackier

Chief Medical Officer, Helius Medical Technologies

Breakthrough innovation in healthcare doesn’t come easy. The imperative of the regulatory system is to protect the population, and quite rightly so. But where does that leave a company intent on innovating in the medical device world? With a product aimed at serving a high unmet medical need, the pressure is on to succeed within the rules. At Helius, we faced tough calls. Stay private or go public? How to design our clinical trials? How to balance hiring talent versus functional outsourcing? I’ll reflect on those decisions and track the development of our unique Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator (PoNS®).

Jonathan Sackier


Seducing the lizard – overcoming short-term thinking for long-term success

Carl Nagle

Global Marketing Innovation Director, Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Countless column inches have been generated on the challenges of driving sustainable, innovation-led growth in large, established companies in the 21st century. Many point to the dilemma of choosing between familiar, more certain, but largely incremental opportunities and paths less-well trodden. Here, the routes are unclear, but may be transformative. Drawing on over two decades of experience operating inside large organizations, this presentation will reflect on the very human problems at the heart of navigating and executing those choices. Carl will share insight into how different approaches to them can and have worked – or failed!

Carl Nagle


Afternoon seminars


AJ Van Bochoven Head of Strategic Innovation, Cambridge Consultants
Matthew Little Senior Strategy Consultant, Cambridge Consultants

The increased pace of change and global pursuit of innovation means that internal R&D now fails to drive corporate progress and future business success. The most dynamic companies have already moved to a new approach of multi-modal R&D, encompassing everything from venture funding and academic collaboration to open innovation. We’ll reveal the dynamic organizational approach necessary to shape this into real business transformation that exploits the fruits of innovation and achieves lasting success.

Paul Beastall

Paul Beastall – Head of Strategy, Cambridge Consultants and UK5G Advisory Board Member

The internet enabled the novel business models of Facebook, Netflix, Uber and Airbnb. The next wave will see numerous physical devices being connected to the net to create the ability to sense, analyze and control like never before. This new state of play will bring fresh challengers to the fore, potentially at the expense of incumbent businesses. We’ll consider these threats and opportunities across a range of sectors, challenge ourselves to share ideas about how the next generation of disruption will present itself, and discuss the best ways for business to react effectively.

Dr Sally Epstein – Strategic Technology, Cambridge Consultants

Quantum mechanics is a weird yet wonderful technology. We intuitively understand the way the universe works at a human scale, but when viewed at the sub-atomic level, things can become counterintuitive, impenetrable and, for some, mystical. But it’s time to start paying attention. Quantum principles such as superposition and entanglement are set to solve intractable real-world problems. Already, they’re being harnessed to guarantee eavesdropping-proof communications and scan inside the human body with unprecedented clarity. We’re ready to showcase our latest research and reveal the state-of-the-art systems we’re developing.


Coffee, networking and technology demonstrations


‘A world of opportunity’ panel discussion

Moderated by Richard Traherne
Chief Commercial Officer, Cambridge Consultants

The panel

Neill Hunt

Neill Hunt

Executive Director, Innovation
Element Six

Jonathan Sackier

Jonathan Sackier

Chief Medical Officer
Helius Medical Technologies

Carl Nagle

Carl Nagle

Global Marketing Innovation Director
Jacobs Douwe Egberts


Closing remarks

Richard Traherne

Chief Commercial Officer, Cambridge Consultants


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